Hi, we are Seedling Club!

We offer grow-your-own kits subscription allowing anyone to start their own urban herbs and vegetables garden. Each month’s box explores culinary traditions of a different country. Our kits are plastic free and fully biodegradable. We send them every month or every 2 months.

Start Growing Your Own
  • 1. We pick the seeds & prepare a growing kit

    Our kits are eco-friendly and include seeds, pots and saucers, soil and easy-to-follow growing guides.

  • 2. ...and deliver it directly to your door

    We send you a box filled with seeds of unique veg and herbs. We focus on a different country every month.

  • 3. You plant, nurture and enjoy

    Follow our growing guides to plant and take care of your new veg and herb garden. Oh... do not forget to have fun cooking and eating!

  • 4. Seedling Club is fully flexible

    You can skip any delivery, and can cancel any time. There’s no commitment and you are in control.

Why join Seedling Club?

The most convenient way to grow your own - we provide all you need.

The most sustainable kit in the UK - fully biodegradable and plastic-free.

Discover delicious (and hard to kill) varieties - you cannot find them in supermarkets.

Fun way to discover and taste herbs and vegetables from around the world.

Reconnect with nature - give your mental health a boost.

Get support - we provide easy-to-follow guide and answer your every question. Catch us Instagram.

Start Growing Your Own
  • Growing Guide

    The guide will introduce you to this month's country and provide easy-to-follow growing instructions. We always print our guides on recycled paper.

  • Seeds

    We pick 3 types of seeds that are fun to grow, taste delicious, and allow us to discover new cuisines. We also make sure they can grow in a given time of year and are pretty hard to kill!

  • Bamboo Fiber Pots & Saucers

    As sustainability is at the heart of everything we do we chose fully compostable pots and saucers. They are made of bamboo and rice. Each box has a set of 3 pots and saucers.

  • Coconut-fibre Compost

    Packed-with-nutrient coconut-fibre compost. It’s made of coconut husk that is usually thrown away. Peat-free, excellent at retaining water, economical to ship and just awesome.

  • Bamboo Labels

    Knowing which pot contains which plant makes taking care of them easier. We also like naming our plants, but that might be just us being a little too crazy about growing our own.

  • Bamboo Sticks (in some boxes)

    Bamboo sticks provide excellent growing support while being environmentally friendly material. We provide sticks in boxes containing plants that need them.

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What is our story?

Hi, I’m Artur, the founder of Seedling Club. 

I left my job in the City and got into growing-my-own a year ago in my London house share.

I believe that urban gardening is a fun and rewarding way to re-connect with, discover, and appreciate the natural world.

I started Seedling Club to make sustainable urban gardening available to everyone – regardless of how little time, space and gardening knowledge one might have. 

I hope you will enjoy your grow-your-own journey as much as I am mine!

Start Growing Your Own

For helpful tips and more photos join the Club on Instagram @SeedlingClub

What are we growing this month?

This month we are growing the Egyptian!

Our Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Seedling Club. We are all about reconnecting with nature but without hurting it.

Our packaging and kits are plastic free and fully compostable.

Our kits include pots and saucers made of bamboo fibres, rice starch and resin that compost in 6-12 months. Again plastic free and fully biodegradable.

We supply coconut fibre soil. It is a by-product of coconut production and is 100% peat free. All that nasty CO2 stays stored in the soil.

Whenever possible we source components of the kit from UK-based manufacturers to minimise our carbon footprint.

Start Growing Your Own

Your Questions

For any other questions drop us an email on hello@seedlingclub.com.

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What sort of space do I need?

A little bit of indoor and outdoor space that gets light.

For indoor growing we would suggest windowsills where seedlings ideally get 6-8 hours of sunlight a day.

For outdoors, anything that gets 6-8 hours of sunlight a day will work. It can be a balcony, patio, terrace or backyard.

Do I put the pots inside or outside?

We recommend starting inside until they germinate and then moving them outside (balconies and patios totally work!). More delicate plants such as tomatoes and peppers might want to stay inside until the weather is warm and sunny. Everything else can be moved outdoors 1 week after germination.

How long will my seeds take to grow?

Some take only a few weeks, while others might take a couple of months. Our guides include an estimated timeline for each plant, but the exact time will vary depending primarily on the weather and how well you take care of it.

What if my plant does not grow?

Simply replant the seeds. Each box contains enough seeds to plant your veggies and herbs garden at least twice.

How long do your pots and saucers last for and how do I compost them?


The pots and saucers are durable and last for 5 years or more. They can be used indoors and outdoors.


Breaking the products into small pieces before adding them to your compost heap will help speed up this process. Once in compost, pots and saucers take 6-12 months to decompose.

How do your deliveries work?

Your First box

We send our first boxes twice a month - around the 5th and 20th of each month. The delivery takes 2-3 days to reach your home.

Your Next Boxes

All subsequent boxes will be sent around the 20th of each month and should arrive to your address 2-3 days later.


If you are not at home, we will leave it in a safe spot or will try to redeliver!

Where do you deliver?

We deliver across the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. If you leave outside of the UK and are interested in joining the Seedling Club leave your email address here.

We are working on launching Seedling Club outside fo the UK soon!

When do you take payments?

We take payment for your first box when you make your first order. For subsequent boxes we take payment a day before we send the box to you - on the 19th of each month.

How do I cancel or adjust my subscription?

Create an account on this website with the email address you used to sign up. It'll automatically sync with your subscription and you can cancel there. We would love to know why you are cancelling so drop us an email on hello@seedlingclub.com or DM us on Instagram @SeedlingClub.